6:01 am - 02/13/2019

Dreamcatcher PIRI MV + showcase stage

Source: Happyface entertainment TongTongTV
Album also has been released and seems like happy face entertainment changed to dreamcatcher company.
antrea 13th-Feb-2019 11:52 pm (UTC)
I actually didn't like this one as soon as I listened to it like the other ones.. :( They sampled the same melody thing as another kpop song but I cannot for the life of me remember what song (searched and I got it: Park Jimin's Pick Up The Phone and also Teen Top's What's the Problem lol....Jimin's the one I was thinking of)

That being said WOW at the visuals of the MV! Siyeon looks absolutely amazing and I love all the outfits. And the dolls part actually creeped me out, I hate dolls like that esp when they move lol

I think maybe when I listen to it more I can stop associating it with Jimin's song and enjoy this one more
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