camouflagecat (camouflagecat) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

GOT7 Real Thai episode 5 [fin]

(click screencap to watch episode)

Source: kshow123

GOT7's Real Thai:
Ep1 | Ep2 | Ep3 | Ep4 | Ep5

In the last episode(!?) GOT4 go in search for the remaining sacred objects, Bambam has both a scary and a #deep moment and in the end a hard-working thai ahgase gets a surprise (but since it's GOT7, ofc there's also pranking involved).

Noooooooo I'm sad this is the last episode. I thought we'd have more, this seems so abrupt! What a refreshing combo from GOT7 to see in variety for a change, and what great advertisement for Thailand lol (I mean, I wish they hadn't been split up as much but, oh well).

I can't find any gifs but here, have this screencap of Jinyoung. You're welcome.

Tags: got7, tv shows

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