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Microdot’s Parents Are Actively Seeking Settlements With Fraud Victims


Microdot’s parents are making a concerted effort to figure out a way to handle the consequenced of their past fraudulent activities. According to several different reports, the parents of Microdot, whose real name is Shin Jae-ho, have reached out to several of their victims seeking an agreement.

A source with the Jeju police force confirmed this news, telling media outlets that they had submitted paperwork regarding these settlements. However, there are still other victims who have not reached a consensus with them.

According to a Feb. 12 report by Jungbo Ilbo, Shin’s parents, who are currently still residing in New Zealand, used several different Korean phone number to make direct calls to the victims.

One victim said that they got a call with a Busan area code while another, referred to as Mr. A, said that the parents called him on Monday from a number with an area Gyeonggi Province area code.

Although both victims got calls this week, records show that Shin’s parents made an international phone call before the Lunar New Year holiday break. It is believed that the victims who avoided the international call were later contacted with a domestic phone number.

In addition to the unexpected calls, it appears that the domestic numbers used to make the calls may have been illegally acquired with some of them belonging to other people and companies. One corporation in Gyeonggi Province said that it got so many phone calls workers had to disconnect its phone lines temporarily. The owner said they had to tell people and relevant agencies that they had nothing to do with Shin or his parents.

Before these series of calls and agreements, Shin’s parents and their whereabouts were virtually unknown. According to one of the victims who received a call from the couple, Shin’s mother and father are working to resolve their debts for their children’s sake.

When Shin admitted that the allegation put against his parents were true, he stepped down from many of his shows and brand deals in South Korea. He remained out of the spotlight and was also reported to have secretly moved out his resident in what some speculated was an attempt to run from the law. His brother Sanchez, who is also a musician, also withdrew from the public eye.

Now it appears that the brothers are urging their parents to take action as the damage from their convoluted and prolonged legal battle put a toll on their entertainment careers. Even if the brother’s parents resolve their legal issues, it is unlikely that they will benefit.

Public opinion of Shin and his family is generally negative. Many people have said that Shin missed his opportunity to adequately apologize for the incident when it first came to light. Moreover, others have explained that the family’s poor handling of the situation has only led to more public outrage. As a result, the chances that the rapper will be able to return to his former level of popularity or even get a chance to appear on entertainment programs are slim at best.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily 1 2 3 4
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