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Preview for "The Fiery Priest"

SBS’ comedy drama "The Fiery Priest" is about a hot-tempered Catholic priest and a bumbling police detective who meet amidst a murder investigation. Kim Nam-gil plays Kim Hae-il, the hot-tempered Catholic priest with a rough personality and a colorful manner of speech to match. He’s described as being more detective-like than a real detective which perhaps comes from his background. Although he is presently a priest, he was once an agent for the National Intelligent Service in his past. Kim Sung-kyun plays his counterpart, the bumbling police detective named Gu Dae-young. His character is stationed in the violent crimes division. Yet, he’s somehow more merciful than a real priest, seemingly scared of his own shadow, and his competency is bumbling at best.

Park Kyung-seon (Honey Lee) is a special prosecutor for the Central District of Seoul. She’s incredibly intelligent, ambitious, and great at her job. Park’s ability to gladhand and politic is almost superhuman, and she’s more than willing to fight for more influence and authority. Geum Sae-rok will be playing as a rookie cop.

Writing for "The Fiery Priest" will be done by Park Jae-beom who wrote the first four seasons of God’s Quiz and more recently worked on Chief Kim. Directing will be done by PD Lee Myung-woo whose recent credits include Punch and Whisper.

"The Fiery Priest" will be SBS's first Friday/Saturday drama and will premiere Friday, February 15.

Sources: Viu Singapore | Dramabeans/Newsen | Dramabeans/Newsen/Hankook Ilbo
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