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Brave Brothers Revealed To Produce Park Bom’s Upcoming Album + other news

Brave Brothers will be the main producer for Park Bom’s new album!

On February 15, Brave Brothers stated to news outlet Xportsnews, “For several months I received an offer from Park Bom’s side, and after a lot of thought, I decided to produce her album. I like her vocal tone, and I wanted to make her a number one artist.”

Park Bom’s new song will be a medium tempo R&B track. Brave Brothers explained, “It’s a very good song, to the extent that I can confidently say that it’s the best female track I’ve ever made. I can assure you that it’s the best. When it’s released, people will say out of surprise, ‘This song is produced by Brave Brothers?’ It’s a song like no other. You can really look forward to it.”

He further described, “Park Bom’s skills are still superb. Most people won’t be disappointed. Instead of being flamboyant or strong, we tried to express a special emotion. I included the vibe I had when I was in YG, but it’s not a reproduction of Park Bom’s previous image. It’ll be a totally different concept.”

Meanwhile, Park Bom is preparing to make a comeback in March with Sandara Park featuring in her new song.

Stay tuned for more news about Park Bom’s return!

Sandara Park To Feature In Park Bom’s Upcoming Comeback Track
Park Bom may be gearing up for a solo comeback in March!

On February 15, Korean media outlet Star News reported that the former 2NE1 member was preparing to make a return next month. According to the report, Park Bom’s comeback has been scheduled for mid-March, and the singer is currently hard at work finishing up her new song.

If the reports are true, Park Bom’s upcoming return will mark her first solo comeback in eight years. (The singer’s last solo release was the 2011 digital single “Don’t Cry.”) It will also be her first time releasing new music since 2017, when 2NE1 dropped their final single “Goodbye.”

Park Bom, who signed with the agency D-NATION in July, previously hinted that she was working on new music last summer by sharing several photos on Instagram with the caption, “In the recording studio.” A spokesperson for the singer also confirmed last year that she was preparing to return “with lots of different content.”

Are you excited for Park Bom’s potential return? Stay tuned for more updates!

Update 1
YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk has shared a message of support in response to the news of Park Bom’s upcoming comeback.

On February 15, shortly after it was reported that the former 2NE1 member would be making her first solo comeback in 8 years next month, Yang Hyun Suk took to Instagram to share his thoughts.

In addition to posting a photo of the news, Yang Hyun Suk wrote, “Park Bom’s New Release in March.” He added in Korean, “Even though she is no longer with YG, I sincerely wish Bom lots of success.” He then echoed the sentiment in English, writing, “Although she is no longer with YG, I really wish her all the success with her new release.”

He also tagged the post with the hashtags “Park Bom” and “2NE1.”

Update 2
Sandara Park and Park Bom will be collaborating in a new song!

On February 15, YG Entertainment revealed, “It is true that Sandara Park will be featured in Park Bom’s upcoming comeback track.”

Fans around the world were recently excited to see Sandara Park and Park Bom taking a sweet photo together. At the time, Park Bom also held a live broadcast on Instagram and hung out with Sandara Park while they chatted with each other and the fans.

Are you excited for Park Bom and Sandara Park’s collaboration?

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ashdevilrun23 15th-Feb-2019 01:48 pm (UTC)
I'm so excited for her 💜💙💙💙
And we get a park siblings collab too!! I can't wait to buy her album
ashdevilrun23 15th-Feb-2019 01:50 pm (UTC)
and YG never talk about her again you useless sack of garbage

Edited at 2019-02-15 06:40 pm (UTC)
a_suitcase 15th-Feb-2019 02:36 pm (UTC)
Omgggg Dara is gonna be on it too??? This is making me incredibly excited. I hope she will do SO WELL.
kcaomei 15th-Feb-2019 03:05 pm (UTC)
dara AND bom?? be still my heart at this baby 2ne1 collab! brave brothers has consistently delivered some solid bops so i'm really looking forward to this... i hope she does so so so so well<3
myungung 15th-Feb-2019 03:09 pm (UTC)
yes to Dara and Bom!

and how long has it been since Dara released something musically? she has always voiced out she wanted to do more right
thatchicksaywha 15th-Feb-2019 03:24 pm (UTC)
1/2 of 2ne1 is better than no 2ne1 so i'm happy lol
not very excited for a brave brothers track tho he has made pretty good r&b songs in the past...
frequency 15th-Feb-2019 03:27 pm (UTC)
When it’s released, people will say out of surprise, ‘This song is produced by Brave Brothers?’'

my dude, as long as you're still going "brave sound" at the beginning, everyone's gonna know!

i hope her voice has recovered from her YG days.
springsky 15th-Feb-2019 03:31 pm (UTC)
Omg the brave bros dude is hyping me up so much and my fave Dara is on it! I still listen to the b-sides of that high heels ep by Brave Girls. The songs are so good.

The best female track you’ve ever produced?! AGAJSJSKSD!! STOP. I’m not ready.
suggestivepeach 15th-Feb-2019 04:55 pm (UTC)

A mini 2NE1 reunion! I couldn’t have asked for more. Brave brothers are really trying to hype this up lol. But it’s WORKING.

myrrhcat 15th-Feb-2019 09:02 pm (UTC)
omg, this is my dream come TRUE. bom's vocal tone is my favorite in all of kpop, and brave bros is my fave producer. they could not have catered to me any harder.
timetobegin 15th-Feb-2019 09:41 pm (UTC)
I have confidence in Brave Brothers about this lmao. Good for Bom and its nice that Dara will be featured too!
ChulaSinMoolah 15th-Feb-2019 10:01 pm (UTC)
When was the last time Brave Bros made a song for a gg tho?
carmine_pink 16th-Feb-2019 01:15 am (UTC)
I remember last year he produced UNI.T's last title song, "I Mean".
gathyou 15th-Feb-2019 10:38 pm (UTC)
Brave Bro hasn't made anything major for a while so I'm really curious about what he'll come up with!
I'm soooo happy Bom is coming back <3 and with Dara too! So wonderful <3
jaequeeragenda 16th-Feb-2019 06:14 pm (UTC)
whatever im just happy to see her back cause i dont like how she's been treated man
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