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Hangeng reportedly will not be present for SJ’s concert(s) in China; fans refund their tickets

Recently at Hunan TV’s countdown concert, Super Junior M made a special appearance, but while fans were pleasantly surprised at their presence, the seven-member unit was missing their leader, Hangeng.

Hangeng’s case will be heard in court on the 8th of January, in Korea. If the court approves, Hangeng will be free as early as March of this year. His lawyer has confirmed that Hangeng will temporarily be absent from all activities to do with SM Entertainment.

From Hangeng’s fan site, it has been learnt that he will most likely be absent from the Beijing stop of SUPER SHOW II, on the 23rd of January. The ticketing company has also started to refund tickets.

On the 31st of December 2009, Super Junior M’s performance was the highlight of Hunan TV’s countdown concert. Fans quickly noticed leader Hangeng’s absence, and only the other six members sang their signature songs during the performance.

Hangeng’s lawyer has explained that Hangeng is currently on vacation, and will temporarily not be attending any events. One reason is that Hangeng does not feel well and wants to rest properly. Also, not coming into contact with SME means that there will be lesser chance of more conflict. The other reason is that since he has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, his lawyer’s advice is to stay away from any SME affiliated events.

(Repetitive part about lawsuit omitted)

On the 10th of January, Super Junior will begin their Asia tour with their Shanghai stop, and will hold their Beijing concert on the 23rd of the same month. Previously there were rumours that the lawsuit was only a publicity stunt for the Beijing concert stop. The concert-organizing unit has already addressed the issue by saying that “there is no need for such publicity, the tickets have already been sold out”.

It also claimed that everything is going smoothly, and they have not received any news about Super Junior or Hangeng not coming to Beijing for the concert. Yesterday, information from Hangeng’s Baidu bar (T/N: basically a huge forum like place for Chinese fans) revealed that fans have been clamouring for ticket refunds, stating: “Because Hangeng’s participation for the Beijing concert is not certain, tickets can be refunded by the ticketing management. Ticket refunding is a personal choice, please think twice before making a decision”.

Fans have responded that refunding their tickets is the most practical way to support Hangeng: “(We) Support! Geng-fan (Hangeng fans) should refund their tickets, that’s the best way to support Hangeng! Don’t allow SM to take advantage of the situation and say that even without Hangeng, the fans are still supportive.”

I don't even know how the concert can still proceed like this, fans refunding their tickets are a bit eh.
Translated by: hypothermal
Tags: hankyung / ex-suju members, sm entertainment, super junior, super junior-m
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