8:23 pm - 02/19/2019

Travel The World On Exo’s Ladder Season 2: EP 16-20 (Subbed)

+ Picking up from Sehun joining the rest of the members the play the ladder game to decide sleeping arrangements for the night
+ 4 members will get their own room and 4 members will all sleep together in the living room
+ Some members act like they don't have their own rooms in their own apartments lol
+ and one member desperately doesn't want to sleep alone.
+ Chen finally has enough of the new C in CBX
+ In homage to Haunting of Hill House the editors are trying to make it look like staff aren't there in the hotel with them...there's some ghosts in the next few episodes.

+ The members show off their individual spaces and do some product placement ads for SME's AI/home assistant thing
+ The livingroom group realize that instead of 4 individual mattresses there's only 2 singles and one double. They play a game to see who has to share.
+ One member refuses to sleep alone. He's too afraid.
+ Cue montage of location transitions into members waking up the next morning and eating breakfast

+ Morning mission that if they complete means no ladder games for the day.
+ It goes terribly.
+ Chanyeol if you're going to wear lime green underwear can I suggest longer shorts?

+ more product placement in show commercials...gotta keep those lights on at SM HQ
They head off to a restaurant to eat because that's 90% of the show at this point
+ Ladder game to decide what each of their individual budgets are to spend at the restaurant

+ After finding out the results of the ladder game they're back to playing the frying pan game
+ They switch from beating each other to having to eat wasabi if they lose
+ then they change games and the punishment is back to beating each other

Next week we'll see them get their food and them hang out with some deer and play zorb soccer.

source: OKSUSU via @EXO2018subs
yukwons 20th-Feb-2019 02:42 am (UTC)
in conclusion, exo just love beating each other up. sehun is so cute and everyone was just ignoring him for about the rooming situation lmao. also ep 20 is so funny especially when baekhyun called out sehun's name and pointed at him too unknowingly
spainawards2008 20th-Feb-2019 10:07 am (UTC)
Chen's laugh brings me such joy
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