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Jackson Wang On His Solo Music, Upcoming Album, Attention in The U.S. + More!

Source: BigBoyTV

- the interview is in English
- Jackson has a single coming out March 9th

Some points from the interview:
- about how Jackson changed from fencing/sports to music/entertainment industry
- how he was street-casted at his school to be a singer when he was 16yo (also goes into how the training system works etc.)
- says he was "very insecure" at the beginning but he just has to work hard & "catch up" to make it, and mentions he still is insecure(?)
- learned the Korean language through dating lol
- worked hard everyday for 2,5 years until he suddenly was told that he's gonna debut
- how global kpop has gotten, how it feels
- talks about the connection with the fans
- his projects and future goals and the difference between kpop and his own stuff
- mentions Omarion & Chris Brown as his influencers in the past(?), loves Kevin Hart (he met with him too)
- wants to be honest and not hide anything
- thinks American R&B/pop singers are a bigger influence in China than American culture in general
- English is his 4th language
- what does his social media following mean to him
- haven't had a vacation in 3 years

This came up in my recommended and it's always interesting to hear non-Koreans talk about the kpop "machinery". The interviewer was pretty chill and nice imo.
I tried writing some interesting points from the interview, sorry if it's all over the place lol.
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