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Japanese Fans Show Their Support For TVXQ Through An Ad In Korean Newspaper

Date: 2010.01.05
Time: 11:26

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On 4 January, on the society page of Korea's JoongAng Ilbo, Ms Kei☆T and Ms Keroko (both handle names) represented a group of Japanese fans and ran an advertisement, 『Five  Balloons』, to show their support for TVXQ. The same group started the fundraising for this ad campaign under the name "TVXQ Smile Project", and they reached their targetted amount on 25 December 2009. At the end of the fundraising, they collected a total of ¥2,728,000 (T/N: approx USD$30,000) and managed to successfully run the ad.

The ad depicted 5 red balloons floating in a blue sky, each written with the names of the 5 TVXQ members, and carried this message from the fans: "We will always love and support TVXQ's Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho. We will wait until the time when you can show heartfelt smiles on your faces. With much love and thanks from Japan."

On TVXQ's Korean fansite, DNBN, there were many comments posted:
  • To all the Japanese fans, thank you so much.
  • When it comes to the love for TVXQ, nationality, age and gender are irrelevent.
  • A while back, the Chinese fans ran an ad of support, and now the Japanese fans did the same too. This great unity between Korea, China and Japan comes from our love for TVXQ.
Rumours about TVXQ disbanding have been floating around since last year. There are many fans who wish to see all 5 members continuing to work together in 2010.

Source: [searchchina.ne.jp]
Picture: [baidutvxq]
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