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Korean Air "Nut Rage" heiress accused of attacking husband


Cho Hyun-ah, 44, the Korean Air heiress who made headlines around the world for the 2014 "nut rage" incident, is being investigated for allegedly attacking her husband during divorce proceedings.

The Suseo Police Station in Seoul said Saturday that investigators started analyzing evidence provided by her husband, surnamed Park, 45, who claims Cho's abusive behavior against him and five-year-old twin sons destroyed their marriage.

In a recently released video, Cho shouts "Die! Die!" at Park, who told investigators his wife repeatedly "strangled him" and threw a tablet PC at him, which seriously injured his toe.

On Feb. 20, Park said he was preparing for a long legal battle.

"I thought it would be better to put up with it, but when my child asked me, 'Dad, would you protect me?,' I was able to get up the nerve (to fight)," he wrote on Facebook.

"I'm afraid of standing up to a chaebol family, but as a father, I will protect my children."

Cho's lawyers denied the allegations and accused Park of being an alcoholic, which they said was the chief problem in the relationship. Cho said she may sue him for defamation.

Park, a plastic surgeon, met Cho in elementary school. The two married in October 2010 and started living separately in May 2017. They have gone through divorce proceedings since Park filed for divorce in last April.

Her, her sister, her brother, and her mother have been accused (and caught on camera) of verbal and physical assault before, among other things.

source: The Korea Times
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