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Follow up on SeungRi case

Journalist Kang Kyung Yoon of SBS funE, who published the original exclusive report containing the text messages, has responded to accusations of their fabrication.

There is no reason to fabricate or edit the reported messages,” she said. “There was absolutely no fabrication or editing other than filtering some severely despicable expressions, and everything is true.”

“If a request is received from the investigative agency, [I] will actively cooperate,” she stated.

Seungri Expresses Desire To Cooperate With All Police Investigations After Sexual Escort Service Allegations
BIGBANG’s Seungri, following allegations yesterday that he offered escort services of a sexual nature to business investors, released a statement through YG Entertainment expressing his desire to cooperate with authorities in order to quickly resolve the matter.

Here is the full statement from YG Entertainment:

We are relaying Seungri’s statement that he sent us yesterday evening.
For the last month, regarding the unsettling issues and news that have been brought forth about him, Seungri has continuously expressed his apologies to everyone. Though it’s small, Seungri has revealed that he wishes to, as soon as possible, submit to drug tests as well as actively cooperate with investigations on all the allegations surrounding him.
YG Entertainment is of the same stance as Seungri, and our legal team will be contacting investigative authorities this morning to relay Seungri’s wishes to go into the station soon to cooperate with investigations.
We hope that through thorough investigations by the police, the truth of the indiscriminate rumors will be revealed, and if there is even the slightest issue, Seungri will have to accept the legal consequences.
Conversely, if the rumors are proved false, we will, in addition to requesting a police investigation, be preparing all routes of legal action.

Previously, on February 26, SBS funE released an exclusive report containing text messages allegedly exchanged between Seungri, an employee, and CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings, an investment company Seungri was preparing to establish. The content of the text messages revealed in the report suggested an offering of a sexual escort service.

YG promptly responded to the report, saying that they spoke with Seungri, and he said the messages were fabricated. Yuri Holdings also released a statement saying that the messages must have been fabricated by someone with malicious intent.

Meanwhile, journalist Kang Kyung Yoon of SBS funE, who published the initial exclusive, insisted in a statement that there was no fabrication, and that she would cooperate in any investigations regarding the matter.

All this comes on the heels of a controversy surrounding the club Burning Sun, which became embroiled in allegations of sexual assault, drug dealing, and hidden cameras following an assault incident brought forth by a club patron. Seungri was caught up in the controversy for his association with the club, although both he and the club CEO stated that he was never involved in management of the club and was just a consultant.

Yuri Holdings Denies Claims They And Seungri Pursued Prostitution Services For Foreign Investors

Yuri Holdings, the company involved in recent claims surrounding BIGBANG’s Seungri, has released an official statement denying claims that they pursued prostitution services for business investors.

On February 26, SBS funE released text messages from December 2015 that are said to be between Seungri, CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings (an investment company Seungri was preparing to establish), and an employee. According to the report, the content of the conversation shared in the group chat implies that the participants were discussing hiring prostitutes for foreign business investors.

In response, YG Entertainment has released an official statement denying all allegations and claiming that the text messages were fabricated, along with an announcement that they will take legal action regarding this issue. The Seoul Police Department has launched an investigation into the claims.

Yuri Holdings, the company named in the claims, has now stepped forward to deny the allegations that have been made. Their official statement reads as follows:

Recently, Yuri Holdings has been in the news, since the Burning Sun incident.
Firstly, we take responsibility for the issue as one of the companies holding stocks in Burning Sun.
However, we feel the need to release our official statement regarding the facts surrounding Yuri Holdings as we can no longer sit back and watch articles written on claims and suspicions.
The text messages that have become an issue are all completely false, and we believe someone with malicious intent towards Seungri and our company has fabricated these text messages as a grudge and sent them to reporters. This is fake news that has been published without being confirmed.
Not only do we not have any foreign shareholders in our company, but the text messages were released on a newly-created image based on content submitted by a tip rather than actual screenshots of the conversations themselves. We cannot stay silent on the matter anymore and have decided to give our statement.
We plan to request an investigation into the individual who fabricated the text messages and submitted them to reporters, and we will take legal action to reveal the truth.
Executive Director Lee Hong Gyu

Park Han Byul’s Agency Responds To Claims Of Husband’s Involvement In Prostitution Case Tied To Seungri

Park Han Byul’s agency has responded to the latest reports regarding the actress’s husband and BIGBANG’s Seungri.

On February 26, SBS funE released text messages between Seungri, CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings (Park Han Byul’s husband), and an employee. SBS funE claimed that the messages were evidence that Seungri had offered escort services of a sexual nature to business investors at clubs in Gangnam district. In response, YG denied the report.

Additionally, a source from Park Han Byul’s agency, Fly Up Entertainment, stated, “It is true that Park Han Byul’s husband worked together with Seungri as business partners, but because he is a non-celebrity and because it is his private life, we are in a situation where we currently do not know all the details of the inside story. Moving forward, please refrain from [releasing] any speculative reports regarding Park Han Byul and her husband.”

Following the reports on BIGBANG’s Seungri, the source added, “There are no plans for additional statements. What we have already mentioned before is everything there is.”

YG Denies Resurfaced Reports Of Seungri Inhaling Nitrous Oxide In 2017

Following recent news about Seungri’s alleged involvement in offering sexual escort services to foreign business investors, previous Vietnamese news reports of Seungri inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas) have resurfaced.

On February 19, 2017, Vietnamese news outlets including web portal reported, “After the problematic photos of him at the club spread on the internet, Seungri’s Instagram account is being spammed by [Vietnamese] fans telling him to return to Korea.” The news outlet also uploaded a photo of a man appearing to be Seungri receiving the help of a woman to inhale a transparent plastic bag. According to the report, Seungri visited Hanoi, Vietnam for business purposes and stayed at a club until 2 a.m. with several men including Dennis Do, an acquaintance of Seungri and a real estate agency employee. The controversy was sparked by photos of Seungri taking photos with fans, deejaying at the club, and seemingly inhaling nitrous oxide.

A source from YG Entertainment stated on February 27, “Upon checking with Seungri, the photo was taken from a misleading angle. He said he has never inhaled nitrous oxide. The reports from Vietnam are clearly false reports, and he feels very falsely accused. He is arguing that it doesn’t make sense for him to inhale nitrous oxide in an public place like a club.

On the same day, prior to this news, YG stated that Seungri had expressed his desire to cooperate with all police investigations to quickly resolve the matter regarding the allegations of his offering sexual escort services to foreign investors.

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