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taeyeon's outburst of laughter receives criticism

SNSD's leader Taeyeon is receiving criticisms for her outburst of laughter during a live broadcasting of her radio program while reading a letter from a listener.

On the 4th, Taeyeon started laughing uncontrollably while reading a letter from a listener which stated, "My younger brother has failed the test for college. Please give him strength" in her MBC FM radio show "Taeyeon's Chin Han Chin Gu"

Right after the radio session, there were varying comments on the radio homepage saying things like, "Does she not realize how hard the test is?", "She should apologize to the person of the letter", "She has a unique laughter" and "Laughing at the letter was a bit too much"

original source
translated by k_taevid @ ssf

I want to hear just how she laughed. I'm also kind of expecting some kind of statement over this soon. xD;


According to WenFany at SSF, she was laughing because "Coffee Vouchers" was misspelt "Nose Bleed Vouchers" on the script. And she apologized profusely after she couldn't contain her laughter over that while reading the letter about the kid failing his exams. :) Yay context.
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