8:40 am - 03/01/2019

K-Pop Uncensored with Amber Liu

Wong Fu and Amber talk about K-pop becoming more popular in the US, Amber talks about the training system and the differences between promoting in the US and in Korea.

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lizanka23 1st-Mar-2019 05:40 pm (UTC)
Im glad they asked the question “ if there was an asian american boyband could they be as popular as bts?” kpop fans constantly infantalize grown people and kpop also encourages this kind of behavior so the boy groups are like these emotional support non threating kpop boys you can like but you wont get that kind of thing in the states. its just not in the culture. Also fans always talk about how cute their english is and non-asian americans often see asians as foreigners, so im wondering if americans really can only accept asians if theyre foreigners, maybe not even accept but just only want to perceive asians as “exotic”

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