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BEAST's Dongwoon's father speaks out about his son and Jaebum

Father of Beast's maknae Dongwoon recently spoke out about about his son becoming an idol as well as Jaebum's incident with netizens that occurred four months ago.

Dongwoon's father, Son Illak, who is a professor of international manners for hotel adminstration at Cheongju University, recently wrote an article in A House Full of Happiness magazine regarding Jaebum's situation and giving his son some advice.

In his article, titled "Tolerance of 2PM's Jaebum", he writes in a letter style giving words of encouragement to his son as well as his own views about Jaebum's incident.

In his letter, he states:

As I further observed this case, I began to become skeptical at the understanding and generosity of this nation. How could we expect a young adult that has barely grown out of his teen years to be of perfect morality and ethics? What kind of nation is Korea if we cannot forgive a mistake he made in his own personal moment of immaturity and hardship? I think I have a general idea of who these people are, the people that so cruelly threw rocks at him instead of helping him up in his time of need. They're probably goody two shoes that have never once made a mistake in their lives. And if, by chance, some of them did make mistakes, then they are truly an unforgivable person.

I believe that the keyword of this generation is tolerance. To accept and respect those with a different opinion from your own and to tolerate an international generation. I hope that the netizens of our nation will learn to tolerate without discrimination and prejudice."

Professor Son ended his letter with words of encourgemnt and some advice for his son:

Son! The career that you have chosen is a lot like living in a glass bowl as a fish. It's a sad life in which you are always being watched and scrutinized. But, this is your dream! Be courteous in your every word and action. And if you ever meet someone that has fallen, never throw rocks at them. I truly hope that Jaebum will return to 2PM and something like this will never happen again. I dream for this nation to mature into a tolerant nation.

Many netizen's reactions to this article have been positive, with comments such as "Jaebum, please come back" and "I wholeheartedly agree".

Credits: hazyfiasco @ 2OD // mangomonster @ omgkpop

Source: 2OD (courtesy of coolazers14 and radical_teen ) , OMGKPOP

To the mods, I can't get the link from 2OD since I'm not a member so I apologize. NVM. Thank you coolazers14  and radical_teen !
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