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Se7en to come back in 2010

Along with the solo activities from Big Bang members, YG Entertainment will also push out a new project from Se7en.

Fans are anticipating his return and since he's been away for such a long time, expectations are high.

An official from YG Entertainment revealed that "Se7en's new music will not follow the normal trends, but will show a new side of him and of music."

The date of release has not been announced yet, but for his new project, Se7en will show a more mature and manly side.

In 2009, he began his American campaign and released his English single, Girls. Originally, he intended to release a full English album as well, but the full album was never completed. Se7en eventually returned to Korea just in time to be a special performer for G-Dragon's solo concert, "Shine a Light."

Although Se7en was unable to finish his English album, hopefully 2010 will be a better year for him. Over the years, Se7en has shown the industry that he is a versatile artist, able to sing ballads and entertain the audience with a fast upbeat song. What does 2010 hold for Se7en?

Stay tuned to OMGKPOP for more development on his comeback.

credits: naver & wjlee91 for translations

Tags: comebacks, se7en
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