6:54 pm - 03/01/2019

A new co-ed (project) group on the horizon: D.A.N to debut with "Suicide Squad"

source: @balloon_wanted

Ex-Bulldok member Hyungeun is in the group!
vintage_boom 1st-Mar-2019 06:04 pm (UTC)
when SK loves a movie they really drag it out for years lol

here for more co-ed groups tho.
froggster 1st-Mar-2019 06:17 pm (UTC)
suicide squad? Hard pass.
At least pick something GOOD to rip off/homage
goshipgurl 1st-Mar-2019 06:26 pm (UTC)
KARD's impact
xoxkenzxox 1st-Mar-2019 06:26 pm (UTC)
I wonder if there are any sort of copyright issues with Suicide Squad name.
jasmineakaiumi 1st-Mar-2019 09:55 pm (UTC)
that was my first thought too
frequency 1st-Mar-2019 07:54 pm (UTC)
god at first i thought the group name was "suicide squad" and i was like NOPE.

i'm always here for more co-ed groups, but a rap co-ed group? i'm interested in seeing how that goes.
kcaomei 1st-Mar-2019 08:25 pm (UTC)
i like how they're a rap group and the single will be called suicide squad but on the wall in the last girl's pic it says "keep calm and play coldplay" lol
lizanka23 1st-Mar-2019 08:31 pm (UTC)
i'm interested and unpopular opinion but i liked suicide squad lol
krunkri 1st-Mar-2019 09:44 pm (UTC)
sua and joa!! rapping!! i'm so excited
miyozari 1st-Mar-2019 10:15 pm (UTC)
Looks very low budget.
dior_chic 2nd-Mar-2019 03:30 am (UTC)
I don’t care about Suicide Squad at all and this sounds kinda gimmicky but I’d love to support a good co-Ed group, KARD just doesn’t do it for me

....I totally missed the rap part lmaoooo I mean I get it, but Korean/kpop rapping can be so bad so idk now, I’ll have to wait and see

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daydreamsofblue 2nd-Mar-2019 04:10 am (UTC)
Hyungeun was one of my faves on P101 so I'm happy to see her active
adenar 2nd-Mar-2019 01:10 pm (UTC)
Sua AND Hyeonggun in a group is like, the PD101 jackpot if you stan talent

Good to see another oahsis member other than sua/hyeonju getting gigs!
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