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G-Dragon Reviewed For Military Discharge, Army Makes Final Decision

On March 2, news outlet eNEWS Today reported that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon was being reviewed for fitness for active-duty service and that the singer had the possibility of being discharged if the outcome regarded him unfit for active-duty service. The reason behind the evaluation has not been reported.

According to a source from the White Skull Unit that G-Dragon is part of, the investigation committee from the third division carried out a review of G-Dragon’s suitability for active-duty service, and he was deemed unfit by both his unit and division.

The final decision on G-Dragon’s discharge was to be made by a higher-level unit called the Military Discharge Review Committee of the Ground Operations Command. If deemed fit, G-Dragon would continue serving as an active-duty soldier, but if deemed unfit, he would serve as a public service worker or be given a disqualified conscription status and be transferred to the Civil Defense Corps. According to eNEWS Today’s sources from the army, the original decision made by the military units are seldom changed by the higher-level units.

However, later that day, a source from the army revealed that the final decision ruled G-Dragon as fit for active-duty service and that he will continue to serve in the army.

According to army regulation, those eligible for a review of fitness for active-duty service include soldiers with an illness, low intelligence, or other reasons for maladjustment to military service. Soldiers under the suspicion of having any of these problems are classified as “protective-concerned soldiers” and are specially managed. When the continuous maintenance results in an improvement in the soldier’s condition or adjustment ability, he is removed from the list, but if he does not get better, he is forwarded to their division’s investigation committee. If the division’s investigation committee considers the soldier ‘unfit,’ the results are once again forwarded to the Military Discharge Review Committee of the Operations Command or Personnel Command, and the final service status decision is made by this committee.

Meanwhile, there have also been reports speculating that G-Dragon received special treatment based on his military rank and the number of days he took off from his service.

Sources: ENews Today & Naver via Soompi
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