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SHINee's Key and VIXX's N share messages and video before enlistment

N shared this video on his youtube channel: N★STORY of A! Chahakyeon

Translation (from r/balloon_wanted):

To. All my little freaks

Hello, this is SHINee's Key. Have you all been well? Since my debut in 2008, I have come this far. Many precious memories have been shared with all of you and you have all become the reason to why I'm pursuing this path without changing.

I'm sorry for not being able to share my heart in times when I'm thankful. I haven't had such a long hiatus, and I won't be able to greet you all after I enlist on March 4th. Though you may be sad between the wait from albums, I promise to return healthy and well! Please do not worry. Always stay healthy and happy and be loved. Thank you as always and I love you.

P.S I'm leaving!!!!! <3


sources: CHA HAK YEON OFFICIAL | @bumkeyk | @balloon_wanted 1 2

Tags: army, key, social media, vixx
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