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BTS Songs In Flash Drive Reportedly Found In North Korea

On March 6, media outlet Daily NK reported that a flash drive containing songs by BTS has been found inside a house in North Korea. The report stated, “USBs that contain BTS songs and South Korean dramas were found at a house located in Hyesan of Yang Kang Province last month. The house belongs to Mr. Min, a former soldier who was discharged from the military due to illness.”

According to the report, one of the two USBs found at the house includes tracks by BTS, while another contains a number of South Korean dramas including the 2018 drama “Marry Me Now.” People who were caught with the flash drive were reportedly arrested at the scene and taken to a detention center to be investigated by the Provincial Department of Protection.

In order to reduce the possibility of their citizens breaking away from the system, North Korea prohibits the usage of any materials that promote capitalism. As a result, the country gives severe punishment to those in possession of videos and songs from South Korea.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
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