6:50 pm - 03/06/2019

Kang Daniel’s Legal Rep Responds To Concerns About Conflict With Agency Affecting Promotions

On March 5, the idol’s legal representative told Yonhap News, “We’re currently doing a legal review. We will do our best so that this has no effect on Kang Daniel’s promotions in the entertainment industry.”

This was said to Yonhap News during a discussion about how a certification of contents was sent to the agency that asks that changes be made to his contract. It was also reportedly hinted that there’s a possibility for a termination of his contract.

When asked if they’re considering the possibility that this may turn into a legal battle, the representative replied, “We’re in the middle of a legal review, so it’s difficult to respond to that.”

It’s reported by Yonhap News that Kang Daniel sent the certification of contents to his agency LM Entertainment on February 1. It is said to have included the stipulation that if the requested changes to his contract and negotiations did not happen by February 28, it would be considered that his contract has been terminated.

Previously, in response to initial reports that Kang Daniel had sent a request to end his contract, LM Entertainment stated, “It is true that we received a certification of contents, but it was a request to modify clauses in the contract, not to terminate it. We are currently discussing the modification of the contract’s clauses.”

It is not yet known whether the conflict between the agency and Kang Daniel will be resolved, or if he will be departing from the agency and heading on his own path.

Following initial reports of the conflict, Kang Daniel wrote a letter to fans and began a new personal Instagram account. In January, it was announced that he was aiming towards making a solo debut in April.

source: @soompi, soompi, yna
vintage_boom 6th-Mar-2019 09:31 pm (UTC)
did he sign with this agency or did his contract transfer over from his previous one? seems weird no one flagged these issues if it was a new signing since it happened like 2 months ago.
thebloomroom 6th-Mar-2019 11:41 pm (UTC)
I think it's a sub agency of either MMO or Cj Ent but I'm not confident. I thought they created it for Daniel and Jisung.
donaldjdrumpf 7th-Mar-2019 04:09 am (UTC)
I read somewhere that it is related to MMO for sure. Maybe it's also related to CJ as well? Either way, if LM knows what's best for them they should not die on that hill and hand over control of his Instagram account to Daniel.
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