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Seventeen SNS Updates

Woozi posts his guide version for Bumzu's I Miss You (and it sounds beautiful).

Bumzu got in his feelings:

Bumzu: this is “I Don’t Miss You” that composer Woozi sang personally. Years ago I taught singing to student named Lee Jihoon. He came during recording.
When he tried to direct he’s so charismatic it’s scary. Thank you for giving me a very good song

Woozi replied: it was also an honor to be able to do it together with a very cool singer ㅎㅎ^^ let’s have a meal if there’s time next time~ ㅎ

t/n: he wrote this in a very formal speech.

Bumzu: omo composer-nim even leaving comment like this...thank you next time if there’s time let’s have a meal. I listened to HOME well I’ll cheer on Seventeen!♥️

Kitae: I think it’s because Bumzu-nim sings it makes it a better song^^

Woozi: Kitae-ssi’s guitar also played a part of course♥️ (x)

Somi and Woozi are unexpectedly friends (it's not been a week of his IG yet and it gave us so much already)

Seungkwan and his bestie Moonbin go on a spontaneous trip together. They planned it at 6am, took the train at 9am and spent the whole day in Yeosu. (x)


97-line (Jungkook, Yugyeom, Eunwoo and Mingyu) have a get-together. Eating, Bowling, Wine (Eunwoo had to leave after dinner).

BSS went to SuJu's concert and brought cake with them

Seungkwan comments he misses Minghao and Minghao saying he misses him too. Why are they so soft.

Bonus pic of Mingyu looking like he stepped out of a drama

source: pledis_17, Likeu_mg, soonsvt, woozi_universefactory, jcnsmie, @_pledis_boos, 17_17gram 2, pledis_boos, two_oh_teen, ohmyjww 2

Also, this week Dino turned on VLIVE during his dance practice and it was great to see him just practicing his moves for half an hour.
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