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TXT debuts on M Countdown with 'Crown' and 'Blue Orangeade'

translation :
Our sincerest thanks to our sunbaenims for taking time out of your busy schedule, saying great things about us, and giving a lot of youthful adviceㅠ We’ll work hard to become hoobaes that you will not be embarrassed of! Sunbaenims we love you❤️

translation :
t’s Jungkook hyung
Be well and all the best with your promotions👍🏻

Source : Mnet K-POP @ YT : 1, 2 / tweets: TXT's twitter, BTS' twitter / translation : bts-trans

They're cute and the dancing is so on point. I'm already sort of stanning all of them tbh. Their energy is really contagious too. Also, didn't think I'd live to see the day Jungkook referred to himself as "Hyung". True character development.
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