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snsd: new full length studio album?

One of the most popular girl group, nine-member team Girls' Generation has announced that a new album will be released in the beginning of the year.

According to sources the album will release somewhere in February and will contain new songs to make a new album.

A representative stated, " Girls' Generation's new album has been steadily prepared," and continued to say, " and so the new album will likely be released before the end of February." After he stated that the album will most likely be a full studio album.

Girls' Generation's mini album last year in January was released and gained lots of popularity. Their last full album was in 2008 and had songs like "Kissing You" and "Baby Baby" to find love from fans and typically the beginning of the year has shown good results for them. Early in the year, there is a growing interest in the release of the album.

The era of SNSD late last year where they participated in three year end festivals. The individual activities are not stopped but the members today are enjoying their holiday.

translated by ☆Genie @ SSF

Sorry to double post, but... *SCREAMS*
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