2:24 pm - 03/09/2019

ONEUS - Dance Cover of NAO's Bad Blood

source: M2

here for this NAO appreciation.
by_venoms_sting 9th-Mar-2019 10:42 pm (UTC)
I've been trying out NAO's stuff by listening to her album that came out last year.

There are good songs but I don't think I'm sold on her yet. I need to listen to it more (I think I've only listened to Saturn three times all the way through).

The one song that has been stuck in my head is A Life Like This.

I'm also gonna use this time to complain about my ear infection and how I haven't really listened to any music since Tuesday night :(

I should probably try actually watching the dance cover this post is about instead of rambling.
by_venoms_sting 9th-Mar-2019 10:48 pm (UTC)
Nice dancing. I'm also confused by one dude's shirt that I swear had random extra fabric on it? Idk.

Also I really wish I could remember where I first heard Bad Blood cause I kept wondering about it while watching this and during the times I listened to that song on Spotify.

Oh and the shirt in question seems to be in the screen cap. It's like half regular shirt, half crop top over another shirt?

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kastih 10th-Mar-2019 12:30 am (UTC)
this was nice.for me it doesn't top logistix's performance but i might just be biased...

i've heard a few songs from them but nothing has stuck for me yet and i only know one of their names..their interviews are nice enough though

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