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Jackson plays with puppies + iHeartRadio Interview

Notable points:
- he sleeps 3-4 hours a night
- his company and fans do not like his facial hair
- compares kpop trainee system to a tube of toothpaste being squeezed empty; "it made me who i am today"
- recommends dating for learning languages and in his case with learning korean "it was real love"
- invites ellie to his birthday party
- surprised that gucci mane wanted to work with him
- kevin hart: "my hero"
- plans on releasing singles from march-june and maybe an album at the end of the year
- fans throw bras on stage but he doesn't know if they're for him or other members
- if his manager gave him three days off, he would work on music
- fave american food is umami burger

Sources: BuzzFeed Celeb iHeartRadio
Tags: foreign celebrities, got7, interview, jackson, overseas activities
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