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IU shuts down minihompy because of angry Yoseob fans

On New Years Day, cutie IU got together with Yoseob of BEAST for a special performance of Marshmallow on KBS Music Bank. Well this didn't sit well with the BEAST / Yoseob fans as they went to her cyworld minihompy and posted many negative comments which caused her to shut down her minihompy.

This isn't the first time that this has occurred as Ivy's minihompy was attacked by 2PM fans in November.

Many of the BEAST / Yoseob fans left profanity laced negative comments, there were some fan boys of IU defending her but they were greatly outnumbered. Quite unfortunate that fan girls can get so jealous over a harmless innocent performance. Thanks to elusive for the tip.

"How dare you touch Yoseob? You should just study well. Pointless."

"Why are you always with Yoseob, really. But you say your ideal type is Yoseob and you do this and that? It's annoying to always see you two cross lines. Another event like this better not happen in the new year."

"Don't do this with Yoseob. I don't know how it is for you but it's annoying for me to watch. Okay? You're Korean so you should understand."

IU: Yes~ I won't do it again~?

Source: Allkpop

WTF man. WTF. EDIT: Translations have been added. Thank you filmsession.
Tags: cyworld, highlight, iu, netizens, wtf
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