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Actress Yoon Ji Oh comes forward during reinvestigation of Jang Ja Yeon's death

A summary of what the case is about:
An inquiry team under the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office is scheduled to announce in late March the results of its reinvestigation into the case of actress Jang Ja-yeon, who died 10 years ago after saying she had been sexually abused by influential people in the media, entertainment and business.

Jang was found hanging at her home on March 7, 2009, with a handwritten note that read, “I am a powerless actress. I want to get out of this agony.”

Police concluded at the time that she took her own life due to depression, but they later reopened the case and arrested Jang’s agent, accusing him of forcing Jang to perform sexual favors.

In Jang Ja Yeon's letter, she mentioned sexual bribery and drinking with 31 people more than 100 times, including those from major credit finance businesses, entertainment companies or representatives of organs, etc. However, only the director and manager of the former agency of Jang Ja Yeon were tried and more than 10 influential people related to this incident were absolved from the guilt but still leave a lot of doubt.

In June 2018, two months before the prosecution deadline came, people sent a petition to Blue House calling for the clarification of Jang Ja Yeon's death. After receiving more than 200,000 approvals, the secretary of Blue House's Anti-Corruption Commission, Park Hyung Chul responded, "Whether or not the term of prosecution ends, I hope that the Investigation and Prosecution Committee of the Ministry of Justice will do their best to clarify the suspicion of loose investigation in the past." Next, the Prosecutor Committee filed a petition for re-investigation. Thus, at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, the case is re-invested 9 years after the investigation was concluded.

The late actress Jang Ja-yeon's colleague actress Yoon Ji-oh has come forward to give an open statement.

"The 13th Statement", which was released on the 5th, and is subtitled "March 7th, 2009 The After", deals with the suspicion of the investigation process on the 'Jang Ja-yeon list' at that time.

"The 13th Statement" is a record of 10 years revealed by Yoon Ji-oh, the only witness to the Jang Ja-yeon case. She introduced the book saying she hopes the truth that was hidden behind lies finally gets to see the light of day.

She claimed, "This is a record of truth for me and her. It is a record of things that should never happen again and the regret of how we couldn't go on with our dreams".

"I felt guilty that I didn't see, didn't realize the hand that she was giving me, and made the thirteenth statement. All these years I put my silence in order, and I put my thoughts in order. Now I only wish and hope that the truth will be revealed".

Yoon Ji Oh told the reason why she moved to Canada, "After I testified, I no longer had a normal life. I had to move my home many times and could not cast anymore. I even heard a director said my name was removed from the casting list because of testifying for the incident of Jang Ja Yeon."

She continued to express her sincere thoughts about the state of the cursory investigation at that time and the pressure of being the witness, "The investigations of Jang Ja Yeon case all took place from 10 pm to the next morning. After finishing the investigation, the police took me home and stayed close to me. I was just 21 years old, but I felt that the investigation was very superficial."

Moreover, Yoon Ji Oh also affirmed, "I once saw that list before it was destroyed. There are also names of famous people in the press. She put them in writing, listed, and put her seal on in order to be able to give it to the management company. That's what was created to fight lawfully and to live. " (op note: a document that could be used in a legal battle)
She claims to have seen the names of “three people from a media company with the same last name” in Jang’s four-page note. She also said Jang’s note mentioned a lawmaker with “a peculiar name.”

Yoon Ji Oh confided, "I was living like a second victim. I hope that those who were harmed like me can live very strongly in the outside world. It's the one who did harms that should live in the awareness of their sin, but on the contrary, those who are harmed are living with responsibility and guilt. This reality leaves me with only sighs. Now I can take the courage to come out like this thanks to the hope of being able to change that reality even a little bit."

Yoon Ji-oh has also spoken about how she has no interest in political angles to the case. Yoon Ji-oh says she is motivated entirely by a desire to do right by her friend.

She ended her statement with, "I am deeply thankful to those who petitioned so that Jang Ja-yeon's case could be reinvestigated".

Yoon Ji Oh's courageous revelation once again made the public turn their attention to the Jang Ja Yeon's incident. Everyone is looking forward to whether the truth will be revealed in detail after facing a new situation on the 10th anniversary of Jang Ja Yeon's death.

source: koreaherald, ohmabella, xportnews, hancinema, nate

Yoon Ji Oh was a witness in the original investigation, but stayed anonymous and never came forward because the police would not offer protection. Now, with her book, she makes the case face a new situation.
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