8:39 pm - 03/12/2019

Zico says 'golden phone' was just a contact list and that he's not friends with Joonyoung (anymore)

source: Yezic0 via Zico IG Story
gigabytexx 15th-Mar-2019 08:04 pm (UTC)
i dont think it's "phone numbers", but sometimes when I really have nothing to do I go over my friend list in Line app, I clicked on each thumbnails of their profile pic. Just to see their user profiles and sometimes got surprised at an old friend's photo (like she's getting prettier, or apparently she has a baby now)

I just assume that's what he might be doing with the KKT friend list. I would say that not everyone can easily going through their friend's chat messages (i dont even touch my best friend's phone, I'm always afraid if I accidentally find out something I shouldn't know), but since they're boys JJY prob told Zico to check out the chat messages.

tldr; zico is supposedly guilty too lol.

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