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JYP talks about Wooyoung and Nichkhun

Park Jin young answered the question 'Who is the most expected member in 2pm' (I assume this means "which member do you expect the most from in the future") through KBS 2TV’ Sweetnight, on Jan, 5.

"It is Wooyoung. I see the possibility that he will be much more developed in the future. At present, he only shows less than half of his capability. He does not seem to acknowledge his splendid dancing and singing skills” He revealed.

He also told about the member ‘who is better that he has expected.’ The answer is Nichkhun. “Formerly, he did not want to be a singer so I was worried about his singing and dancing but I do not think any of that right now."

Moreover, Park jin Young smiled while he was talking about his nickname ‘A gorilla eating ttok’ that “ I was sad when I stayed in the states since I do not like western food. I only ate Korean food, especially ttok, so photos of me eating it were taken. Now I rarely eat it.”

There is photos of him eating ttok regardless of time and places so he received this nickname, ‘A gorilla that eats TTok’

KBS 2TV' Sweetnight will be aired for the first time on this Jan, 10 at 11.15 (Korean time)

Kor - Thai by
Thai-Eng by Kagetsu Crackerbaby

SOURCES: 2PM-Online; mydaily (original Korean)

For those unfamiliar with dduk/ttok.

Woo & Khun are my absolute favorites in 2PM so it was nice to see that JYP thinks this way :)

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