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SM to take legal action against false rumors about EXO

SM Entertainment has stated that they will take legal action against those spreading the recent rumors surrounding EXO.

On March 12, rumors were being spread on community sites and social media about an EXO member allegedly being one of the people in Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms where illegal hidden camera footage was shared.

SM Entertainment’s official statement is as follows:

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

The rumors about our artist [EXO] that are being spread online are groundless rumors, and the expansion of this false information is causing serious damage to the artist and agency.

We therefore announce that we will take strong legal action against those who have engaged in such illegal actions (writing, posting, and spreading false rumors). We will continue to take strong legal action against such malicious rumors and ask you to actively report to us (protect@smtown.com).

Thank you.

Source: Naver and EXO @ SMTOWN via Soompi, @soompi

A quick runthrough on Twitter shows Sehun being linked because he is (was?) friends with Seungri. I'm guessing this is why SM's stocks also took a plunge.
Tags: court / legal issues, exo, scandals, sm entertainment
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