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Police search and seize company that recovered chatroom data from JJY's phone

The police have begun the search and seizure of the digital forensics company where Jung Joon Young’s chatroom conversations involving hidden cameras of sexual acts were allegedly recovered from his broken phone.

On March 13 at 11:30 a.m. KST, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency sent approximately 10 investigators to search and seize a private digital forensics company in the Gangnam district of Seoul. They are aiming to find the original KakaoTalk conversation data and other evidence.

Digital forensics refers to the process of analyzing and recovering data saved in digital devices like computers or smartphones for investigative purposes.

The police think the KakaoTalk conversations were recovered from Jung Joon Young’s phone through this company’s digital forensics process. In 2016, Jung Joon Young was accused by his ex-girlfriend of secretly filming her during sexual intercourse and was asked to turn in his phone to the police for the investigation. However, he did not turn in his phone, explaining that it was broken and was left at a digital forensics service for data recovery.

The police began investigating the recent issue of Jung Joon Young’s hidden cameras after Seungri’s alleged chatroom discussions of sexual escort services were made public. The police received and analyzed the data of the conversations as an Excel file in a USB drive. They have also asked the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission for cooperation regarding the data after being notified that the whistleblower had submitted data to the commission as well.

Jung Joon Young and Seungri will be investigated by the police as suspects on March 14.

Seungri was booked on March 10 on charges of providing sexual escort services to business investors and violating the Act on the Punishment of Arrangement of Commercial Sex Acts, while Jung Joon Young was booked on March 12 for sharing secretly-taken videos of sexual acts and violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, Etc. of Sexual Crimes.

Jung Joon Young stated in his letter of apology that his investigation will begin in the morning of March 14, and according to Sports Seoul, Seungri will most likely attend in the afternoon, as he had done so when he was last investigated on February 27.

CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings, who was in the chatroom with Seungri and part of the Burning Sun controversy, will also go to the police station to be investigated on the same day.

Sources: Naver (1, 2) via Soompi (1, 2)
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