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YGE and JYPE to take legal action against malicious rumours about their female artists

JYP Entertainment will be taking legal action against malicious rumours about TWICE while YG Entertainment will be taking legal action against malicious rumours about their female artist.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

Regarding rumors related to our artist that are currently spreading on online communities, the judgment was made that the severity and contents of the rumors can cause serious damage to the artist’s image, honor, and character. As a result, we are announcing that we will seek out all possible legal actions against those who initially posted and spread [the rumors].

Accusations, charges, and criminal punishments based on the cyber defamation law, libel law, and more can immediately be brought upon the creation and circulation of malicious rumors about artists. We are currently collecting evidence about this matter and are discussing plans for action with internal and external law firms.

We request that fans send in tips to help take quick action on this matter. We are once again announcing that as an agency, we are considering all possible measures and actions for the rights and interests of our artist.

Thank you.

This is YG Entertainment.

As it has already been revealed via several reports, the rumors that were circulated online recently regarding our female artist are completely false and are malicious rumors.

The rumors were initially considered not even worth responding to, but her name is still being brought up. As a result, we will take firm legal action according to civil and criminal law against the initial person who posted the rumors as well as those who spread and circulated them.

Thank you.

Sources: JYP Entertainment and Naver via Soompi (1, 2)
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