8:07 am - 03/14/2019

Wooseok X Guanlin "9801" 1st Mini Album Listening Post

SOURCE: Gystery

0:00 I'm a star (Wooseok and Guanlin)
3:11 Hypey (Guanlin feat. Got7 Jackson)
5:46 Always Difficult, Always Beautiful (Wooseok)
9:36 Good Feeling (Guanlin)
12:29 Domino (Wooseok)
snowphone 14th-Mar-2019 12:41 am (UTC)
i'm a star and always difficult, always beautiful are my faves. hypey and good feeling are literally unlistenable lol
neongoldtooth 14th-Mar-2019 02:06 am (UTC)
lmao hypey?? we talking about the bay hyphy???
gtfo lmao.
dantethetaco 14th-Mar-2019 02:31 am (UTC)
I'm a Star is just kind of there for me. I couldn't get farther than 10 sec into Hypey. Jackson, bb, don't. As I said on the other post I feel Always Difficult, Always Beautiful would have worked for me if they had featured a vocalist for the singing parts. Good Feeling... no, I don't think this style of music fits Guanlin. It just sounds odd to me. And last, Domino, I really like this song, and it makes me wish this would have been a Wooseok solo album where we could have seen more of his music.
babyjenkski 14th-Mar-2019 03:29 am (UTC)
So this album is like Wooseok's songs and Guanlin's songs then 1 collaboration. Not the kind of songs I'm used to get from these kids but its all good. Overall, just about right. Domino is my fave!

I like the fact that they gave these two a chance to release an album. It's just about right timing for CUBE to continue on promoting Guanlin and then add his favorite hyung for more exposure for PENTAGON kids.
veep_throat 14th-Mar-2019 07:01 pm (UTC)

DOMINO IS IT!! Thank god guanlin didn’t feat

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