12:45 pm - 03/14/2019

Korea Police Commissioner General reveals plans for investigation of corruption in the force

On March 14, Min Gap Ryong, the Commissioner General of the Korean National Police Agency, attended a meeting for the National Assembly Public Administration and Security Council. During the meeting, he revealed further plans to investigate the alleged ties between the police and various controversies involving the club Burning Sun.

The Commissioner General stated, “We will guarantee the citizens’ rights to know and secure the investigation’s transparency and fairness. Furthermore, not only will we investigate the suspicions of corruption by the police, but we will also carry out internal inspection and convict those who are confirmed to have committed crimes regardless of rank. In the end, we will announce the final results to the public.”

In addition, the Commissioner General also revealed that they will be hosting a nationwide investigation.
He explained, “[We will investigate] not only the clubs in the Gangnam district, but also those of similar organizations across the country. In order to eradicate the source of all absurd acts, we will host an extensive investigation in every direction regarding matters such as drugs, sexual assault, taking and sharing hidden camera videos, and connections to the police.”

Min Gap Ryong continued, “By deploying all capable police officers, we will pull out the root of the anti-social climate that instigates crime and illegal activities in its entirety.”

He concluded, “We will not forget that the police are citizens in uniform, and we will carry out our mission as guardians of safety and human rights. With sincere communication and kind-hearted law enforcement, we will earn trust from the citizens one step at a time.”

The day prior, the Commissioner General acknowledged a possibility of high-ranked police officers from the past abusing their power to protect the celebrities in a chatroom including Seungri and Jung Joon Young.

Source: Naver via Soompi

Definitely opened the Pandora’s Box
lydzi 14th-Mar-2019 07:58 am (UTC)
By deploying all capable police officers

Bold of you to assume there's any.
xxqod 14th-Mar-2019 09:58 am (UTC)
'Promising' a lot, but I really can't see this being carried out on such a scale. If high ranked officers are included in crimes, lower ranked ones must be too to cover up all tracks and serve as right-hand men...
modestgoddess79 14th-Mar-2019 10:10 am (UTC)
Forgive me if I doubt their ability to investigate themselves
rockerista03 14th-Mar-2019 10:33 am (UTC)
It definitely destroyed their credibility. While I do applaud a massive investigation within their ranks, I’ll probably doubt them until they’re reformed.
xoxkenzxox 14th-Mar-2019 02:15 pm (UTC)
this so much.
kcaomei 14th-Mar-2019 02:32 pm (UTC)
lizanka23 14th-Mar-2019 04:47 pm (UTC)
Yeah exactly didn’t the lawyer say that it’s possible that one of the celebrities possibly knew the commissioner general personally? This has to be investigated by another agency besides the police
daynr 14th-Mar-2019 03:18 pm (UTC)
So... Let the bads investigate themselves, how do we know they won't go after the good eggs to protect themselves?

I watch a lot of dramas.

Does Korea have an alternative besides them? Like the US has national, state, and local level forces, supposedly distinct, but we're also geographically large. (And still corrupt.)
tungatunga 14th-Mar-2019 04:11 pm (UTC)
The don't have anything like that, expect for Prosecutor's Office. But prosecutors, they have more investigative authority than police, police basically can't do anything without prosecution approval. Unlike in most countries prosecutors lead investigation, deciding on arrest, warrant, opening and closing investigation, itp, in recent years a lot of police higher ups lobbied for police to be given more investigative authorities, now they must be livid, so it's hard to tell how it's end.
daynr 14th-Mar-2019 06:09 pm (UTC)
thank you!
dantethetaco 14th-Mar-2019 05:50 pm (UTC)
From my knowledge obtained from watching Secret Forest, prosecutors can lead investigations at the same level authority or higher than the police. They can also create special investigation teams to lead independent investigations, this is what happens in the drama since there was corruption in the prosecutors office and police. There was also recently a special team formed for ex-president Park Geun-hye's scandal. Normal prosecutors had said that there's was no bribery in that case and that they were 'victims'; the special team then was formed and end up indicting the president and others for bribery.

The special team has to be approved in parliment and they select a special prosecutor that would lead and choose the team. According to the what happens in the drama, these teams can be formed of prosecutors, police and people independent to these organizations, so f.e. if one were to form in this case the lawyer and the reporter could be asked to join the team. So if they choose a good/honorable prosecutor to lead the team we can expect them to try get to the bottom of this whole case, and catch as much corrupt police/prosecutors as they are able to.
daynr 14th-Mar-2019 06:09 pm (UTC)
thank you!
lizanka23 14th-Mar-2019 06:21 pm (UTC)
So this all depends on the moral compass of one prosecutor? Oh boy
dantethetaco 14th-Mar-2019 09:21 pm (UTC)
Isn't it always like that? If at any step of the process someone is corrupt the case can end badly. If the police you report it to is corrupt it will not go any further than that, if the superiors at the police station are corrupt they will try to bury it, if the judge is corrupt he would not give a fair veredict, etc.

The good thing about a special team is that the parliment has to approve it, and it's normally in very public/big cases so choosing a prosecutor that does not have a good record or that will go easy on the investigation can lead to very big protests/riots from the public, and we know the only thing politicians want is to stay in power. So it would be foolish of them to try to trick the public when there's at least 2 people who have evidence/information to expose them. I'm sure there's some politicians involved in this, but it's better for the parties to let them fall than let the whole party fall. The issue here is how deep the case goes and how far up the people involved are, and how far will the prosecutors be willing to go.

But yes, I'm sure there are politicians, and higher ups, and rich people involved in this that wil not be brought to justice, specially those that the reporter/lawyer don't have anything on. And that a lot of the people that are brought to justice will be given very lenient senteces just to make it look like the have been 'punished'. It would be very naive of us to think that justice works fairly for this kind of people.

PS: sorry if this was too long, I'm preparing for my english level exams and I need to practice writing!
lizanka23 14th-Mar-2019 04:50 pm (UTC)
Wait didnt the lawyer imply that all of Korea’s police is corrupt and not just the one in seoul, so shouldnt the president be commenting on this? Or did i miss the article about it?
sforza 14th-Mar-2019 05:10 pm (UTC)
i mean, acab, so 🤷
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