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Andy will enlist on Jan 11th

Shinhwa's Andy will be entering active military service on January 11, 2009 2010.

Andy will enter the Choongnam Army Training Facility at 1pm on the 11th, where he will go through basic training, and then leave to fulfill his military obligations for two years.

According to Andy's representative, "Although he is entering the miliatry on the 11th, he had a very busy schedule, which included holding concerts, including his Asia Tour. He is spending the beginning of the year taking care of personal matters before he enters the military."

In 2003, Andy gave up his green card in the U.S. to be a celebrity in Korea, including Shinhwa activities. Among Shinhwa members, Andy will be on the only one entering active military service.

Upon hearing the news that he will be entering active military service, his fans have been expressing their sadness. His fans have expressed their sadness while sending their support by saying, "Andy oppa, it's going to be difficult for you to enter the military when it's cold," "He's going to active military service, that's admirable," and "Will be able to see him after two years?".

**Koreans differentiate between Active and Non-active military service. The only difference is that in Active military service, they have to live in military dorms on base, while non-active members (Eric, DW, JunJin) get to go home everyday (think of it as equal to working a 9-5 job).

Credit: Newsen + SHCJ

Wow, active service! I'm surprised, I would have though he'd go for non-active like the others.

Slowly our time of having a reunited Shinhwa again is drawing closer ^^ And although we say goodbye to Andy this year, we get Eric back in just a few months, and Dongwan around November!
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