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Ooof! What a week.
gathyou 15th-Mar-2019 08:45 am (UTC)
I would love to initiate a group hug because the past week (or dare I say, month) has been emotionally hard to deal with. :(
I've finally realized yesterday that the constant stream of news and the sheer horror of them are taking a toll on me, IRL. It's especially conflicting as I used to be really into BIG BANG, Beast and CN Blue when I first got into kpop (I'm so glad I moved on to girl groups in majority) and I can't help thinking about how 20-something me would have reacted to all this. I don't know idols personally so I'm not blaming myself for looking up to them at one point in my life, still I would have never guessed something so deeply evil and disturbing.

I feel awful for all the victims. I'm really disturbed by how they're almost never addressed, I think the journalist and the lawyer are the two persons who address the issue from the victims' point of view, and it's heartbreaking. I don't expect the abusers to acknowledge them - we saw how they never treated them as human beings and any apology would be meaningless from them - but the news circle is focusing so much on them and their action without reminding how, in the end, women were being hurt by them.
The only positive side is that no one's focusing too much on who the victims are which I'm glad about.

[work rant]
Another deal of stress, but my contract is ending soon. My superiors want to reconduct my contract so it's fine, but I'm already asking for a better status/wage and I would like the negociations to start now. Officially it starts one month before the end of my contract (so in fifteen days) but that's really short!!! I don't trust the HR department, they're going to make everything drag on for ages. I don't know if any of you recall how I had trouble with an awful coworker for months? well this coworker has friends in the HR dep... including one worker who's supposed to deal with my contract.
I've starting updating my resume yesterday and I'll be looking out for options elsewhere. I don't want to leave my current team, we have so much to do (interesting work too!) but they're underpaying me for what I'm doing + gave me a lot of work and responsabilities that weren't in my original job description. I'm not going to be fooled again.

So yeah, shitty week.

On a more positive note, I got all the physical albums I was waiting for, including the limited [xx] edition whose production has been stopped. The hidden tracks are so frustrating lol, they sound so good! but there's only seconds long. It's a great way to tease their next release.
I also worked on a spreadsheet to count all my albums, it was really fun. I'm currently up to 86 (number that will go down if I manage to get rid of my 8 Beast/BIG BANG/CN Blue related albums). My albums are currently organized as a rainbow x)
I'm really in the mood to talk about album collections lol. How many do you have? How did you organized your shelf?
cosmicdaze 15th-Mar-2019 09:11 am (UTC)
omg 86 albums! i have 42, but some of them are multiples (all four versions of dmumt, two exodus, kr/chn version of exact, both versions of love shot).

i have all five of chungha's albums (including the limited edition XII and both versions of offset), five red velvet albums, two nct albums, thirteen shinee albums (three jonghyun solos, two taemin solos, key solo, four story of light albums, and three earlier ot5 albums), and seventeen exo albums (including all the multiples).

my kpop shelf/area in my room is a disaster but here it is lmao: https://imgur.com/a/PSBFBZk
gathyou 15th-Mar-2019 09:27 am (UTC)
Yeah I couldn't believe how many I own already lol but I've been buying stuff since 2010 and have a job now...
For me, 3 are mutiple copies. I'm almost done collecting SNSD, I just need the Japanese best of and then I'll move on to the solos I still miss. Lots of SHINee too <3 They're both on my ultimate shelf that's different from the rainbow one lol. Story of Light is on my wishlist!
I love your shelf! especially how you show up postcards/goodies :D
I'll try to share pics of mine this evening!
cosmicdaze 15th-Mar-2019 09:31 am (UTC)
yay, can't wait to see your shelves especially the rainbow one *-* i love when things are organized by color like that

god, collecting kpop merch is such an addiction. the day i finally got real expendable income was when it all went downhill. i actually bought a LOT of these albums when i was in korea/taiwan this past december, it was exhilarating carrying all the albums around lmao
gathyou 15th-Mar-2019 09:36 am (UTC)
I saw so many pictures of kpop shelves as rainbows and I finally got it done last weekend :D
Lmao truely an addiction. They're so pretty and it's so satisfying to get goodies in them too! Also I love picking an album, listening to the CD while looking at the photobook (again), etc. Those companies know what they're doing XD
I had to move out several times and took my collection each time... I'm dreading the next move (which will certainely happen this summer, I never stay long in the same place). I totally feel your pain moving everything with you through different countries XD
cosmicdaze 15th-Mar-2019 09:39 am (UTC)
omg i literally do not know what i'm going to do when i move to thailand at the end of the year like...i don't want to sell my albums, but then i feel dumb just for leaving them in my room while i living in a different country ?? like i really gotta start deciding which few albums i'm going to take with me to tide me over...this hurts sdjknjdsf
gathyou 23rd-Mar-2019 01:25 pm (UTC)
Hello!!! sorry for the week delay but here are some pictures of my shelves so you can see the rainbow one :D

I keep re-arranging them to make sure the album look great together and the colors flow well. (g)i-dle's album threw the whole thing off lol deep purple albums (like Dreamcatcher's Prequel) where on the right with indigo/black but then I Am's purple to white gradient just didn't fit with them!!! nor with the pinks since it's a colder purple. I'm not entirely satisfied with the way it's placed now but I'm running a little out of place and will have to move albums the next time I buy some, so I'll change its place later. Hopefully I'll get an album with a color that will made (g)i-dle's setting easier XD
The second shelf has my favourites (SNSD and SHINee) + Loona set by size because there's a lot of white and pink, also it made sense to put them on a different shelf since I'm obsessed with them <3
cosmicdaze 23rd-Mar-2019 07:15 pm (UTC)
Your rainbow shelf pleases me greatly...I'm almost tempted to copy you sdfhjsdhjf
glokmusic 15th-Mar-2019 09:26 am (UTC)

86 is so many wow!! 😮

i only collect for tvxq/jyj/jaejoong bc if i collected for every group i mildly stanned it would be a disaster. i've had to leave my collection at home (currently studying in japan) but i've bought all of jaejoong's singles and i have most of his albums too. i also bought all versions of tvxq's latest album (i had to wait til i was in KOREA to get my hands on the pink version, it was sold out in japan) and i also found their debut single as well lol

i have some old albums from other groups (exo, a signed seventeen album) that i've been looking to send to new homes once i return to the states

gathyou 15th-Mar-2019 09:31 am (UTC)
86 over eight years and with a job to pay for them XD but yeah counting everything made me realize how much I'm stacking albums lol.
Glad you finally got that pink version!!! there are a few albums I delayed buying and now I can't find them :( maybe I should go to Korea too lol
imahurricane 15th-Mar-2019 09:30 am (UTC)
i have all exo and exo cbx albums except their debut album + overdose + japanese release. i share room with my sister and there's no space to put all the albums i have so i just chuck them all in a suitcase.
gathyou 15th-Mar-2019 09:38 am (UTC)
At least they're safe in your suitcase and will be easy to change place! I only own The Power of Music from EXO, and I'm so glad I bought it, I really love the concept and packaging *_* which album is your favourite?
imahurricane 15th-Mar-2019 04:11 pm (UTC)
the power of music packaging is really good! i love the concept and assorted goodies that comes with it!

my faves album in terms of design and packaging is the exodus (those shiny and pretty gold cover!!!), mid (the snow globe pc is really cute i wish i had all the members) and xoxo repackage cause it's my very first exo album (plus it's basically a 54-pages-thick photo book that you can easily tear off).
daynr 15th-Mar-2019 02:40 pm (UTC)
ah, it was you with the coworker.

I don't know, I am inclined to not assume the worst in your coworker, and the company clearly has a history of being able to renew in a month, so perhaps it will be smooth sailing. An updated resume is always wise, though.
thatchicksaywha 15th-Mar-2019 03:19 pm (UTC)
omg 86 albums that is crazy! i'm trying to get back into kpop cd collecting, there's a shop really close to where i live that just opened up this huge kpop section, so i'm thinking i'll head there this weekend to at the very least grab txt's mini!
my own collection is super small lol i have like three b1a4 albums from when i was crazily obsessed with them and red velvet's RBB that i bought right before their concert!
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