9:10 am - 03/15/2019

Bae Doona Becomes First Korean Ever To Grace Cover Of US Vogue

Bae Doona has become the first Korean to grace the cover of US Vogue!

The April edition of Vogue will be under the theme of “A celebration of global talent” and showcase 14 women with the title “14 countries, 14 superstars: The global actors who know no limits.”

Bae Doona is set to be on the cover of the magazine alongside Scarlett Johansson and Deepika Padukone. She is the first Korean to be on the cover since the magazine’s inception 127 years ago.

Bae Doona has been expanding her career by appearing in U.S. films such as “Cloud Atlas” and “Jupiter Ascending,” and she gained global popularity through her role in the Netflix original series “Sense 8.” She is also famous for her role in the Korean film “The Host” and recently appeared in the Netflix drama “Kingdom.”

Bae Doona is currently busy filming the second season of “Kingdom.”

Congratulations to Bae Doona for the momentous achievement!

source: soompi, naver, vogue@twitter, vogue
sjtaazrz 15th-Mar-2019 10:31 am (UTC)
I literally learned about this cover because I saw a tumblr text post that said "vogue just put three Asian women on their cover!!! this is a massive breakthrough!!"

followed by another person saying "where's the image?" and then this cover was posted. I died. Such representation.

Congrats to Bae Donna though, it only took one and a quarter centuries.
benihime99 15th-Mar-2019 10:34 am (UTC)
Scar Jo being center on an issue about superstars who transcend borders annoys me to no end
I get that disney is paying for all these promo because of avangers but come one
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