11:29 am - 03/15/2019

Should we postponed the Knights of Omona?

Hello, it iz I, your favorite cat.
I had originally planned to start the Knights of omona in a month or so (mid april) but with every news and every post, the burning sons case gets bigger, more disgusting and exhausting, and I'm not sure a competition glorifying men (or thirsting after them) is what we need right now.

So here is the question: Do we postpone the Knights of Omona (maybe have the contest in july as a fun treat for summer break) or do we go on as planned?

This poll is closed.

What do we do?

Postpone the games
Stay on schedule
An other option (leave your idea in the comments)
aridnili 16th-Mar-2019 01:32 pm (UTC)
First, who the fuck cares about men? Second, let's glorify the women who stood up for themselves and the others! The reporter Kang Kyung Yoon on the Burning Sun fucking mess, Yoon Jin Oh the only brave soul who fought for justice in JJY case, JJY herself who was possibly murdered but still had strength to release a list of the criminals, Suzy who put her career on risk for bravely standing up for a victim of abuse and illegal distribution of her nude pictures, Irene who was heavily criticized for reading a feminist book and was by Jennie's side on her stupid dating controversy, Ailee who had nude pictures leaked by Allkpoop and survived the madness at the time and the list goes on.

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aures 16th-Mar-2019 01:44 pm (UTC)
personally i'd say Ailee barely survives, she is SO well loved, but i think she definitely took a BIG hit, i know she keeps saying that her company treats her well but we all know that's not really true? :/
i think had akp not pulled that sh/t on her she would not have been where she currently is
i mean, everything happens for a reason and i think she learned a lot and grew as a person which is good, but career-wise it did not serve her well and she's barely hanging, she's "lucky" she's so well loved and has so much talent nobody can deny her
but that's just my opinion, what's yours?

(also, i can't @ all these ppl getting mad at irene, no wonder she hates men, she gets constantly touched by them etc. and then we she reads a book on feminism she gets attacked AGAIN, can the poor soul never do the right thing, i love her so much, she always stays so professional! she's a true pro)
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