11:29 am - 03/15/2019

Should we postponed the Knights of Omona?

Hello, it iz I, your favorite cat.
I had originally planned to start the Knights of omona in a month or so (mid april) but with every news and every post, the burning sons case gets bigger, more disgusting and exhausting, and I'm not sure a competition glorifying men (or thirsting after them) is what we need right now.

So here is the question: Do we postpone the Knights of Omona (maybe have the contest in july as a fun treat for summer break) or do we go on as planned?

This poll is closed.

What do we do?

Postpone the games
Stay on schedule
An other option (leave your idea in the comments)
hyunascat 18th-Mar-2019 09:00 am (UTC)
The pet competition will be followed by a omona fluffy take post where we discuss female accomplishment in kpop
After my kittycation I'll work on another type of post to also celebrate women
Maybe theme post like women in film, women in drama
Spotlight on female producer, or something like a woman of the month where we focus on one artist and her accomplishement through her career
We'll try to keep it alive \o/
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