3:59 pm - 03/15/2019

Underrated K-Jams: A 여자들 EVENT ONLY

What underrated or indie jams by women are you loving rn omona!? This is a ladies event only! Drop your boygroups off at the play center and an attendant will keep an eye on them.

Some of my faves from the past few months....

Eyedi - Caffeine

Bambi - No Mercy

OuiOui - We'll Be Alright

GIANT PINK - Mirror Mirror

source: SuperSound Bugs! 2 | AIKM | Genie
dior_chic 15th-Mar-2019 10:31 pm (UTC)
Indie/not kpop
Migyo - discography is great but especially Rain Sound, Enough, and Starry Night
Take Flight - Yeseo
I Don’t Care - Carla
Red - Eyedi
Y Shirt - Soya
1set - Tonight
First Sight - Heize
Listen to This Song - Kassy

Ladies Code, Dreamcatchers, and GWSN’s whole discography (I know GWSN is newer but I figure why not lol)
Mango - Hyomin
Touch - Anda
Love Bomb - Fromis 9 (literal kpop perfection)
Sayonara - Red Velvet
Hi Five - Cherry On Top
Blue Moon - Gyeong Ree (Kyungri)
Thank U Soooo Much - Yubin
Angel - Berrygood
Hurry Up - Sohee
Oh My Mistake - April
Can’t Hide It - 15& (😔)
Not That Type - Gugudan
Will You Go Out With Me - DIA

I have so many more, but I have to go lol I’ll gave to revisit this post! And I miss Pristin 😭😭😭

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lizanka23 16th-Mar-2019 01:42 am (UTC)
Yesss! So catchy. I can make your man~go~🎶🎶 the high notes in angel are so good. Berry good have good vocalists. Thank uuu so much was so good too with that y2k aesthetic mv

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dior_chic 16th-Mar-2019 01:36 pm (UTC)
Those high notes in Angel sent me to heaven 😇
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