3:59 pm - 03/15/2019

Underrated K-Jams: A 여자들 EVENT ONLY

What underrated or indie jams by women are you loving rn omona!? This is a ladies event only! Drop your boygroups off at the play center and an attendant will keep an eye on them.

Some of my faves from the past few months....

Eyedi - Caffeine

Bambi - No Mercy

OuiOui - We'll Be Alright

GIANT PINK - Mirror Mirror

source: SuperSound Bugs! 2 | AIKM | Genie
lizanka23 17th-Mar-2019 12:18 am (UTC)
yeah that song was so relevant to me at the time when it came out. being in college and having to really be independent for the first time was very disorienting. i remember the song did really well amongst the korean public too
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