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jeon jihyun in a new movie

It had been speculated that a drama would be Jeon Ji-hyun’s next project following her attempt to go global in Blood: The Last Vampire, but on December 6, her management company, Sidus HQ, confirmed her next role: the movie adaptation of Lisa See’s bestselling novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. It will be directed by Joy Luck Club’s Wayne Wang, co-stars (and is produced by) Zhang Ziyi, and is to be produced in English.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is set in 19th-century China and tells the story of two best friends, Lily and Snow Flower. The plot involves a secret language called Nu Shu, which is used only among women, and Zhang will take the lead role of Snow Flower. Although the book doesn’t overtly draw the women’s friendship as lesbian, their relationship has sensual overtones and includes a nude scene. (This scene is the reason that Shu Qi reportedly turned down the role.)

news via asiae
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So excited for a new movie from her. Blood was pretty terrible - I hope this one is an improvement!
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