hyunascat (hyunascat) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

[CLOSED] Omona Cutest Celebrity Pet Competition: nomnomnominations round

As suggested by dantethetaco in the previous post, we're dropping the men if favor of far better creatures: PETS.
The pets will be judged on one thing and one thing only: Who is the cutest of them all?
This contest is not meant to be taken seriously but rather to bring a little bit of fluff to the community.


🐱 Include only one pet per nomination.
Please include their name when possible, and their homan name's

🐶 Go through all the nominations to check if the pet hasn't already been nominated.
If so, add +1 under the original user comment.

🐹 You can provide pictures you want me to use for the rest of the game
If you plan to include more than one picture/gif/video please use a spoiler

🐦There will be 3 categories: Cats (superior beings like myself), dogs and others (like bird, rats, ferret, snake...).

The nomination round lasts 48 hours. It will close on Monday (late night)
Have fun & enjoy the fluff

INFO: This competition will be followed by a Omona fluffy take post, where we discuss our favorite ladies, fave debut, perf, stage outfit...

Nomnomnominations are closed, thank you for your time :3
Tags: !omona battle, !omona exclusive, fierce and flawless, pets/animals
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