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🎶 Love is in the air: Hyuna & E'Dawn @ the airport en route to Japan ✈️

Article: Hyuna-E'Dawn holding hands 'confidently showing their love'
Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+532, -16] They seem so normal after all we've seen with the Seungri scandal
2. [+442, -8] They both look a lot more free and comfortable since moving to Psy's agency ㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+356, -12] She looks so pretty without the excessive make up
4. [+29, -1] Maybe I'm used to them now but I think they look great together
5. [+27, -2] Pretty. It's always the kids like them who have clean mental states.
6. [+22, -1] They were the normal ones all along
7. [+21, -1] Probably the prettiest I've seen Hyuna recently
8. [+12, -2] Looks good to see them have a healthy relationship
9. [+12, -2] She's still thin now but she looks a lot better than when she first left her agency, she looked way too thin then. They both look a lot more stable since joining Psy.
10. [+8, -1] Hyuna must be gorgeous in real life if she looks like this in reporter photos

sources: netizenbuzz, mydaily, @theseoulstory
Tags: airport, couple, ex-group members, hyuna
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