1:12 pm - 03/18/2019

NCT 127 "Wakey-Wakey" MV

Source: SMTOWN
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jyusou 18th-Mar-2019 12:30 pm (UTC)
One and a half minutes in and I hate it already 😃!
spread 18th-Mar-2019 12:34 pm (UTC)
He is actively trying to kill me, help.

Also, longhair-Johnny with the Taemin Lucifer weave.
We approve.

And so much JungUwu ❤❤

The song isn't a instant banger like Chain, but I like it.
Seems like a grower for sure, in a few listens it will be forever stuck in my head like all NCT songs.
weneedmedicine 18th-Mar-2019 12:52 pm (UTC)
they put johnny in a wig just to hide him in the back the whole video. mess! and the song is bad too
vintage_boom 18th-Mar-2019 01:02 pm (UTC)
The songs so much better than chain and the MVs good but oh my god Johnnys parts and looks...embarrassing. It’s worse because it’s a wig lmao
spread 18th-Mar-2019 01:09 pm (UTC)
It's kinda funny, because of the intro I thought the song was going to be some kind of 90's boyband R&B slow jam.
And I was so hyped for that timeline.

But what we got is cute too, nonetheless.
greasetastic_x 18th-Mar-2019 01:09 pm (UTC)
I hate it ugh. Their title tracks are also so hit or miss for me.

They look good though save for johnny's wig lmao that was a choice
dantethetaco 18th-Mar-2019 01:22 pm (UTC)
It might be because I have fever and a strong headache, but this just sounds like noise to me :( They look good, tho.
carmine_pink 18th-Mar-2019 01:31 pm (UTC)
Everybody looks great but lol @ Johnny's wig, it gets funnier each time he appears with it. I need some close up pics and an NCT Daily vlog to explain that transformation. Thanks Jaehyun for providing most of the abs flashing. Blonde Jungwoo is so pretty. Nice way to include Haechan though he's only sitting down.

A lot of noise but a lot of singing too, part distribution seems alright without too much rapping. Some interesting moves/formations there in the choreo, would be great to have a performance version or dance practice.
kaninasan 18th-Mar-2019 01:36 pm (UTC)
I love it lol, it's a banger.

Johnny's wig is hilarious, but I kinda love it bc I miss when kpop used to be more ridiculous, groups are playing it too safe now tbh.
pepsi_twist9 18th-Mar-2019 01:51 pm (UTC)

But yeah, I don't hate it. Plus this is everything:

ggumd 18th-Mar-2019 02:01 pm (UTC)
Not as iconic as chain tbh
dallinferno 18th-Mar-2019 02:04 pm (UTC)
I forgot to share my thoughts in the comment under the post, oop.

Well anyhow, the moment Johnny appeared on screen I lost if from crylaughing so hard. Who on earth thought that's a good idea oh my god?

The song itself is not quite my thing, I gotta say ... It'll probably grow on me after a couple of replays. But I'm glad Jungwoo and Taeil got the spotlight. YUTA THO. Why didn't he, THE ONLY JAPANESE MEMBER, actually get more lines?! SM continues to suck, huh.

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thebloomroom 18th-Mar-2019 03:18 pm (UTC)
Mess, this is trash! Even Taeil and Jungwoo’s vocals can’t save this lol smh.

I’m dead at Johnny’s wig. Don’t take styling cues from Ravi
snowphone 18th-Mar-2019 03:48 pm (UTC)
22_taken 18th-Mar-2019 03:51 pm (UTC)
Johnny's wig! Lmao. With music like this they'll never become popular with general public, their releases keep getting noisier.
carmine_pink 19th-Mar-2019 12:58 am (UTC)
If you're referring to the Korean general public, this is a Japanese release.
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