2:23 pm - 03/19/2019

BTS news round-up

BTS achieves record-breaking number of stock pre-orders for “Map of the Soul: Persona”

On March 19, music distributor iriver announced that BTS had broken their own record for stock pre-orders with their upcoming album “Map of the Soul: Persona.”

The new album racked up an impressive 2,685,030 stock pre-orders in just five days (from March 13 to 17), smashing BTS’s previous record of 1,511,910 stock pre-orders for “Love Yourself: Answer.”

Additionally, not only did “Map of the Soul: Persona” hit No. 1 on Amazon’s CD & Vinyl Best Sellers list shortly after becoming available for pre-order, but the album is now enjoying its seventh consecutive day at the top of the chart.

“Map of the Soul: Persona” will be released worldwide on April 12, with BTS premiering their new title track on NBC’s legendary late-night comedy show “Saturday Night Live” in the United States the following day.

Big Hit Entertainment reports 132% increase in profit after BTS’s record-breaking 2018

On March 19, the agency made a press release where they revealed their audit report and their 2018 business performance.

According to the performance documents announced that day, for the 2018 fiscal year, Big Hit’s total revenue was 214.2 billion won (approximately $190 million), operating profits were 64.1 billion won (approximately $57 million), and net profits were 50.2 billion won (approximately $44 million). Compared to last year, there was a 132 percent increase in total sales, a 97 percent increase in operating profits, and a 105 percent increase in net profits. This was Big Hit’s highest performing year since its establishment.

In 2018, according to Gaon Chart data, BTS’s albums “Love Yourself: Tear” and “Love Yourself: Answer” sold approximately 4.05 million and 5.15 million copies, respectively. The group also met 810,000 fans on their “Love Yourself” world tour. BTS experienced enormous growth in sales in various fields, such as music, content, merchandise, video publication, and more.

A source from Big Hit stated, “Continuing from 2017, BTS’s record-breaking activities have expanded and actively engaged in business aspects. Whether externally visible or in profit rates, it was a year that showed the highest performance in all aspects. In order to innovate the music industry’s business model, we are continuously pursuing change and improvements in our agency, and we have achieved an important success that discovers new business.”

Source: Naver (1, 2) via Soompi (1, 2)
jyusou 19th-Mar-2019 09:03 am (UTC)
Me: ugh, I'm Sick and Tired of spending money on RiCh PeOpLE
BTS: *drops Map The Soul: Persona*
Me: out of my way I wanna see what photocard I get

lydzi 19th-Mar-2019 10:15 am (UTC)

It's what they deserve ♥♥
rainstormraider 19th-Mar-2019 12:53 pm (UTC)
Damn @ this rags to riches storyline.

But more like tacky $3 chains to tackier Rolexs.

I wanna see how much of their operating costs are now going into TxT. That would be interesting to see.
pwrpuffgrl 19th-Mar-2019 02:42 pm (UTC)
Their artwork is truly beautiful and my hands burn to have it but I don't think I'll buy. I just don't need the collection of all their albums because it's just simply too much consumption, like I don't even own a cd player anymore?
lightframes 19th-Mar-2019 10:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I get what you're saying. I gave away my copies of YNWA and Love Yourself: Her a few months ago because I'm running out of room on my CD shelf lol. I'll probably have to listen to all of the new songs before deciding whether to buy this.
laranal 19th-Mar-2019 04:39 pm (UTC)
honestly i wish theyd just take a break for now, no one's gonna miss Jin anyway
ostsiberia 19th-Mar-2019 05:28 pm (UTC)
I feel bad but I always forget about Jin.
laranal 19th-Mar-2019 07:11 pm (UTC)
i wish i could forget about jin lmao in performances i can but in everything else hes so extra
ostsiberia 19th-Mar-2019 07:24 pm (UTC)
I actually like his loud extra laugh lol but I def get it. To me, hes the least interesting, tho nothing against the guy. Ive seen fans glum about the upcoming military conscription, Jin is first but lets be honest, they would go on fine without Jin performance wise, internally cant say I hear he brings good balance to the group. Suga who is 2nd would def be missed but I bet BH has a plan already for the military.
laranal 19th-Mar-2019 07:32 pm (UTC)
lol once in a while his laugh makes me laugh but its mostly annoying. i respect that he def does bring balance to the group and can make everyone laugh. ive gained respect for him performance wise too bc i can tell he's been trying to work on his voice (unlike some OTHER ppl jimin) but i still hate his voice. and then also i think about when he got into the fight with taehyung after tae called out his shitty dancing and he couldnt take the criticism like bro.

i honestly feel like suga might go solo after the military idk. it'll be hard also because then hobi and rm go after him right?
i didnt feel that they wouldnt be going to the military before but then i also can see them being like 'they're too famous it'll be distracting for the others' esp after g-dragon but he has a lot more fanbois than bts lol
jyusou 21st-Mar-2019 04:26 am (UTC)
You call Jin extra, but tbh it is nothing compared to how Hoseok is an absolute embarrassment in every single one of their American interviews. At least Jin is amusing in his extraness. Hoseok is downright cringe.

Also in the below comment I can’t believe that’s what you took away from the TaeJin argument like what even.
thatchicksaywha 19th-Mar-2019 05:21 pm (UTC)
can someone talk to me about the whole pewdiepie scandal that happened on twitter last night?? it was so ridiculous that so many fans seemed to be okay with the fact that he was clearly trying to get more YT subscribers by saying he was a BTS fan

i don't want to make a post about it bc that racist antisemitic piece of trash doesn't deserve it
ostsiberia 19th-Mar-2019 05:29 pm (UTC)
I dont know about the scandal but everyone and their cat is a bts fan now for the views/subs/etc
thatchicksaywha 19th-Mar-2019 05:33 pm (UTC)
i think it was just gross seeing him repost BTS memes right after the NZ shooter filmed himself saying to subscribe to pewdiepie
ostsiberia 19th-Mar-2019 05:39 pm (UTC)
Absolutely it's gross, pew is shit. I mean bts fans should know thats the game these days, everyone wants to cozy up to bts and they should see how fake it is. But then again, Ive met some pretty racist antiblack, islamophobe bts fans who probably happily dont care :/
babyjenkski 19th-Mar-2019 08:34 pm (UTC)
I'm not surprised. And I'm really really happy for them. And yeah, I'm one of those who did a pre-order for their new album!
mc1a 22nd-Mar-2019 11:44 pm (UTC)
Are those Gaon numbers correct for LY Tear and Answer? 4 and 5 mil sold seems a bit extreme even for Gaon
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