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Shoo is back as singer after 8 years with new single album release!

S.E.S member singer actress Shoo will be coming back as a singer after 8 years.

She will be releasing a single album and promoting as a singer again. This is Shoo’s first singer activities previously as part of S.E.S 8 years back.

There will be 4 tracks included in the single album and the 4th track ‘With Me’ features the 2 otherb member Bada and Eugene. The title song to the single album, ballad track, ‘Other than me’ will show off Shoo’s cute and cheery image like that of S.E.S Shoo.

The single album is produced by production team Outsidaz from the States which also did many hits by singers in Korea like Lee Hyori, M, Bada, Jang Nara and A’ST1.

Shoo reveals her feelings about doing her singer comeback, “I am having the kind of feelings I had when I first debuted 12 years back in preparing this album.”

Source: sookyeong

Mmmmmm S.E.S. is having a lot of activity these days. Bada is holding a concert, Eugene has a book and now Shoo.
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