3:16 pm - 03/19/2019

Taeyeon four seasons teasers part 2 + more info

‘사계 (Four Seasons)’ is a ballad song with acoustic guitar as the main instrument, with Taeyeon’s voice and strings at the later part of the song increasing the dramatic quality. Lyrics are about how they loved each other throughout the four seasons but break up apathetically.

kcaomei 20th-Mar-2019 02:00 pm (UTC)
sounds good so far! i'm really excited but why did i think there was a previous plan for her to release a full album and it'd be titled orange tree??

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myungung 20th-Mar-2019 03:57 pm (UTC)
I'll probably like the songs she releases, but the question is how long would I be able to listen to the song for.
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