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Previews for "Doctor Prisoner"

“Doctor Prisoner” is a new suspense drama about brilliant surgeon Nah Yi Jae (played by Namgoong Min) who is forced out of his position at a large hospital after facing false allegations. He then begins working at the medical ward of a prison in order to gain connections with criminals and bigwigs to plan his revenge.

Kim Byung Chul's character is “King of Prison” Sun Min Sik, a chaebol medical director at the prison who will face off against Nah Yi Jae. Hello Venus’s Nara will play an ambitious psychiatrist Han So Geum. Choi Won Young plays the role of Lee Jae Joon, the calculating primary successor to major conglomerate Taekang Group. Park Eun Suk will play Lee Jae Hwan, the reckless stepbrother of Lee Jae Joon, and Lee Da In will take on the role of Lee Jae In, the youngest daughter of the Taekang family.

“Doctor Prisoner” premieres Wednesday, March 20 on KBS.

Sources: KBS World TV | @NetizenDrama | DramaKBS | Soompi/Naver | Soompi/Naver

I wish I cared about medical dramas because this is an excellent cast.
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