8:52 pm - 03/19/2019

Cast Set for "Save Me 2"

Uhm Tae Goo will be taking on the role of Kim Min Cheol. Kim Min Cheol was an up-and-coming judo athlete in his high school years, but due to his inability to ignore injustice, he ends up in prison. One day, he finds out that because his hometown Wonchuri becomes a submerged district which means he can receive compensation pay. As soon as he is released, he returns to Wonchuri and becomes suspicious of never-before-seen out-of-towners that wander the village.  Chun Ho Jin will be playing the mysterious Choi Kyung Suk, a man with a sunny disposition and a pleasant, trustworthy smile. The villagers of Wonchuri, who regard the out-of-towners with suspicion, soon open their hearts to him as he takes the lead in the issue of their compensation pay. With the villagers’ trust, he establishes the entire village’s religion.

Esom will be taking on the role of Kim Min Cheol’s younger sister Kim Young Sun. Having dealt with a violent father, frail mother, and troublemaking older brother, she has grown up firmly holding up against life’s troubles. Though she believes that if she holds up a little longer she can live like everyone else, her brother returns to Wonchuri. Her life returns to its hell, and just when she decides to let everything go, Sung Cheol Woo extends a hand. Kim Young Min will be playing clergyman Sung Cheol Woo, who changes the village. With a gentle face, beautiful smile, and captivating voice, he is the perfect clergyman. He comes to Wonchuri after receiving an offer from Choi Kyung Suk. Seeing the village change little by little, he wishes to properly convey faith to the village. However, as more and more villagers begin to rely on him, his ambition disappears.

“Save Me 2”will be directed by Lee Kwon, who directed the film “Door Lock” and Yeon Sang Ho, who directed the animated film “The Fake.” It will be written by rookie writer Seo Joo Yeon. “Save Me 2” is scheduled to premiere in May.

Source: Soompi/Naver

Different director and writer, the only confirmed cast member returning from the first season is curly haired creeper Jo Jae Yoon.
vintage_boom 20th-Mar-2019 01:37 pm (UTC)
Didn’t know they were doing a second season!! I’ll definitely watch this even if jaeyoons the only returning cast member he was great in season 1. But idk how creepy I’ll find him now that I’ve watched him in other shows and on Law of the Jungle he’s such a softie irl.
blck_ink 20th-Mar-2019 09:16 pm (UTC)
oh we're getting a second story??!! LETS GOOOOO!!! the first story was great so i'm looking forward to see this one. jo jae yoon was an absolute creep so him returning will add some extra scariness to the show.
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